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I’m a singer, songwriter, and performer from Houston, Texas. I now live with my partner and our dog Mollie in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

What is your main activity as an artist ? How would you define it regarding your own person ?

I wouldn’t say I have a main activity as an artist. I make a living in the music industry in a variety of ways. While I attach my stage name- Cari Q to my original music, and tours, I also get hired for various other creative work. I write music and lyrics for other artists, and also do session vocal work. I also work as an editor for a few European artists whose native language isn’t English.

How, when, and why have you started what your art ?

I’ve been writing music for most of my life, but it didn’t become my full time career until my early twenties. When I was a teenager, writing became a necessary form of catharsis. It gave me some control over what I was experiencing and allowed me to take ownership of the telling of my narrative.

What is your creative process ? Can you tell us about it in a few words ?

Lyrics have always been the easiest part of songwriting for me, so I usually start with music first. Sometimes a tune comes to me when I’m out taking a walk or on the bus coming home from work. Inevitably a repetitive phrase accompanies the melody and I can come home and build a full song out of this “hook”. Other times song writing is more intentional. I’ll pick up a guitar with the motivation to release an emotion or concept that I’m experiencing and interpreting. After I establish a format, I write the lyrics. They rarely come out in the right order, but they get there in the end.

Can you talk to us about one of your favorite song you’ve written ? And what was the specific process of creation for that song ?

"Kill me Twice" is my favorite song I’ve written, lyrically to date. I was in a particularly difficult part of my life and I expressed what was probably my most painful experience in the most beautiful words I could find. Art and music are all about making the unbearable, beautiful, and the intolerable, palatable. I wrote the music and the words at the same time. It took maybe 10 minutes tops. I started playing and the lyrics fell out.

Do you have any collaboration ideas with other type of artists/creators that could give another dimension to your art?

My favorite form of art to consume is photography. I would love to collaborate with an abstract photographer. The more avant guard  the better! In the same vein I’m in love with artful videography, but there are so many elements that go into making film, that I might also consider the task daunting.

Why did you choose to be an Arty Network Ambassador ?

I believe that Arty Network provides necessary tools for artistic types. Many creatives, myself included, lack an intuitive business skill set needed to make their art successful. The website is a gloriously organized platform to sell my music, merch, promote my upcoming shows, and connect with other creative types. It’s also an ethical company that sponsors various charities . That in and of itself is reason enough for me to be an ambassador.

What is the perspective of this project ? What would you seek for your own creation/work ?

At this stage of my career, although I love performing live, I’ve really zoned in on the writing side of my career. I would love to get to a place where I can make a living solely on songwriting.

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