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"Becoming an Arty Network Ambassador allows me to be guided in this new adventure."

Could you introduce yourself in a few words ? What is your main activity as an artist ? How would you define it regarding your own person ?

My name is Johanna, I’m 24 and I’m currently living near Paris.

For now, I’d say that my activity is more like a hobby that allows me to flourish. Touching the wood, working with it and realising projects I’ve imagined exhilarates me.

My will to create wood boards came after. I was inspired by the American artist Aleksandra Zee (Oakland, CA). However, I wanted to bring my personal touch by using different materials.How, when, and why have you started your art ?

How, when, and why have you started what your art ?

I’ve started working with wood and play with tools a year ago. I needed a piece of furniture to store my record player and my vinyls and I had in mind a precise idea of what I wanted it to look like. I’ve then drew some plans. Following the advices of my father (this great handyman) I had a look at the DIY store and I’ve started building. I was so pleased with the result that since then the ideas never stopped flowing.

What is your creative process ? Can you tell us about it in a few words ?

Usually my new boards ideas come at night when I’m supposed to sleep ! Once the idea is in my mind, I can’t wait to start in this new project. Before I do, I make an initial plan but it happens that the final result looks slightly different. I decide on the moment. I look, above all, for harmony and symetry in my wood boards.

Can you tell us how the idea of working with wood came to you ? And in which forms do you work with wood ? Is it something you were able to make for a long time ?

While I wanted to create furniture by myself, I naturally turned to wood without really knowing it and without knowing the field of possibilities that was offered to me.

For the boards, I use planed fir wood in the form of profiled moulding (flat rods with rounded corners) to give it a bit of dimension. I work with them with my hand using my dad’s old miter saw. I particularly appreciate this moment of my project, when I hand saw meters and meters of wood. It makes me conscious of the amount of work I accomplished.

For the furniture conception, I lately tried the wood pallets recycling that needs a whole different work but that I find equally exciting.

Do you have any collaboration ideas with other type of artists/creators that could give another dimension to your art?

I’m really new to this practice, I would really like to learn more with other people that are more experienced, or be given advices or opinions from other artists to make my creations evolve and progress.

Why did you choose to be an Arty Network Ambassador ?

When I heard about Arty Network for the first time, I was conquered by the concept. The fact that I can promote my activity, sell my creations online while being part of a community of artists was something that really attracted my attention. Becoming an Arty Network Ambassador allows me to be guided in this new adventure.

What is the perspective of this project ? What would you seek for your own creation/work ?

This project could make my activity evolve and develop even though today it isn’t my main job. It could make me grow as an artist as well.

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